January 6, 2019

Rowans Focus Retailer

I’m super happy to announce that just before Christmas we were was asked to feature as focus retailer for Autumn/Winter 2018 T Rowan.

This really has come as such an honour, all the hard work and support everyone has given has paid off - to all our loyal and lovely customers thank you so much! I suspect this is all down to Katie, our Rowan rep, meeting you all and seeing how much of a community we’ve made Ippikin at our Rowan events. Both Rowan events in 2018 were such a success, it hopefully means we can have lots more and be even more involved with our favourite yarn company.

Please take a look in the Rowan newsletter to hear more about our story and how I came to have my dream job. I’ll attach our article, but the newsletter is so worth having a read of for all yarn news and inspiration.


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