Ippikin is an independent yarn store nestled in the heart of Much Wenlock. It has been situated here for over 16 years,and in April 2018, I (Molly) took over the shop.

Having worked at Ippikin for 2 years, I realised that I never wanted to leave the cave of colour that it is.

When the previous owners mentioned retirement, I simply couldn't resist and took the plunge of owning my own business - it was a real dream come true. What was so important to me was to keep the essence of Ippikin, as the charm of all the colour squished into one shop, really was the reason I started knitting in the first place.
molly laycock ippikin yarn
The name of the shop, Ippikin, comes from an old folks tale told in Shropshire, about a high way bandit who would rob ladies jewels and gold on the road next to Ippikin Rock.

It is said when the bandit died, that the cave he stored them in was never found, Ippikin is this cave full of hidden jewels - well so we like to think. Nothing can beat the sweet shop like feel of a yarn store and the colour range that comes with each season.

Our passion for knitting and crochet is the soul of the shop. Bring your old patterns in and we can match and substitute yarn, doing all the hard work for you! Or come and find some new patterns to inspire you. Whether you’re totally new to knitting or have been doing it for years, there’s something for everyone.

We’re a Rowan flagship store and are proud to be jam-packed full with all the range. We have a beautiful selection of British and independent brands. Isager is one of these latest brands, which has fast become our shop staple with their striking and unique patterns.

What we think that everyone treasures about Ippikin is the social side of the shop – the Knit & Natter and Craft & Chat groups that we hold bring in people of all ages and abilities. It’s great to see knitters sharing knowledge and helping each other out! We also hold a number of different workshops throughout the year, so head over to this page on the website for our current list of dates.

The customers who have been kind enough to share their journey, old and new, of getting into knitting and crochet has kept me inspired and meant that I always look forward to heading into the shop each day.


Monday - Saturday:
10AM - 5PM
10AM - 3PM
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