Adriafil is a traditional yarn brand from Italy, with a beautiful range of fibres and colours - there's plenty to choose from.







100% extrafine merino wool, 50g, 120m, 20 stitches - 28 rows, 4-4.5mm

Bucaneve is exceptionally soft and perfect for those extra special DK baby knits! We currently stock 8 colours. 


35% Nylon polyamide / 30% wool / 30% viscose / 5% cashmere, 50g, 125m, 18/20 stitches - 28 rows, 4.5-5mm

This 6 tonal yarn gives that soft tweed effect but with striking colours. It’s a super soft yarn that holds it shape so well due to the Nylon.

It can be used as a heavy DK or works well even as an Aran.


75% virgin wool / 25% nylon, 50g, 210m, 30 stitches - 40 rows, 2.5 - 3mm

It's a versatile and fun yarn, perfect for socks or even your own 4ply projects. 


45% merino wool / 40% acrylic / 15% alpaca, 100g, 100m, 9 stitches - 16 rows, 9 - 12mm

Warm and super soft, Candy is a mix of wool and alpaca with acrylic added for lightness and durability. 


45% wool / 52% acrylic / 3% polyester, 50g, 125m, 18 stitches - 27 rows, 5mm

Doré is a wool and acrylic blend perfect for garments where you want to add a touch of glamour with that shimmery sparkle.

Doré is a light, soft yarn that works up to standard Aran patterns.



100% extrafine merino wool, 50g, 185m, 27 stitches - 38 rows, 3mm

Another one of their super soft yarns that's perfect for those baby knits, or a special jumper for yourself. We currently stock 7 colours. 




100% superwash merino wool, 50g, 125m, 20 stitches - 29 rows, 4 - 4.5mm

Our favourite self patterning yarn! It really does all the hard work for, enabling those stunning garments with minimal work.  We currently stock 10 colours. 


53% wool, 47% Acyrlic, 50g, 90m, 14 stitches - 20 rows, 6mm

This is a lovely soft and versatile chunky weight yarn. The self changing colours make it such a fun knit, a bit of a mystery to what colours going to appear next!


53% wool / 47% acrylic, 50g, 125, 17 stitches - 23 rows, 4.5mm

Adriafil so self patterning yarns so well, and this is a prime example. You'll find it used frequently in our own designs at Ippikin. Super fun and economical. We currently stock 4 colours