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Alpaca 1 (Lace)

100% alpaca, 400m, 50g, lace weight

ISAGER ALPACA 1 is an ultra thin, two ply yarn made from 100% Alpaca. We use this yarn both individually, especially for scarves, but mainly we knit this yarn together with a strand of one of our other yarns. Any yarn will ‘benefit’ from being knitted together with Alpaca 1. The colour range offers many interesting effects. One strand of Alpaca 1 makes an interesting new shade when combined with another colour. One strand of Alpaca 1 can also add unity and bind colours together in a work where many colours are used.



Silk Mohair

75% super kid mohair / 25% silk, 212m, 25g

ISAGER SILK MOHAIR is with its blend of 25% silk and 75% super kid mohair a beautiful, soft and shiny yarnwith a light and fluffy structure. We use it primarily together with other yarns, but it is also beautiful used individually perhaps especially in a simple design. A structured pattern will not show in this yarn, unless the Silk Mohair is knitted together with another smoother yarn. As SilkMohair is soft and fluffy, some shedding must be expected both while knit ting and from the finished project. The shedding will deteriorate in time but please consider with which garments Silk Mohair is worn. Isager Silk Mohair is of finest quality with long fibres which reduce shedding.


Spinni (Lace)

In the olden days in Iceland this yarn was hand spun and preferably so fine that a finished shawl could be pulled through a finger ring.

Spinni is not quite as fine and we use the yarn in many different ways. When used on its own it is very suitable for lace shawls and one of its qualities is that it keeps its shape, so a scarf or shawl will not ‘collapse’.

As Spinni is a single yarn spun in a single direction, it is not really suitable for knitting stocking stitch in the round. The knitted fabric will have a tendency to skew. If working in the round in a textured pattern this will not normally be a problem.

In a multicoloured work Spinni will often be used as one of the yarns and with its beautiful and characteristic structure it is a lovely element in the knitted fabric.


Tweed (4ply)

70% wool and 30% mohair, 200m, 50g, 4ply

ISAGER TWEED ISAGER TWEED is a single ply and a blend of 70% wool and 30% mohair. This yarn has a slightly irregular, homespun look, yet the mohair fibres give the yarn a remarkable softness and a lovely sheen. Isager Tweed works equally well for both indoor and outdoor garments and with the small flecks in different colours the yarn has a very lively surface.