Erika Knight


Erika Knight

Erika is one of our favourite designers and she now has the beautiful yarns to match, we stock a large variety of her books and individual patterns as well. 




Studio Linen

50g hank, 85% recycled rayon linen (viscose) / 15% premium linen, approx. 120m, 21-22 stitches & 28-30 rows = 10cm, 3.75-4mm 

Its a beautiful natural fibre with a beautiful drape and with naturally soften with washing. Perfect for those summer knits. We currently stock 13 colours in this yarn.

Wild Wool

100g , 85% wool / 15% viscose (nettle fibre), approx. 170m, 18 stitches = 10cm, 5mm

Wild Wool is a sustainable blend of soft wool and natural nettle.
Spun from the fibre found inside the stem of the plant, nettle has been used for 2000 years for its strength and durability as a textile. Nettle is grown abundantly and perennially in rainy areas worldwide without the need for harmful pollutants or pesticides, making it eco-friendly and sustainable.
Blended with luxurious wool the nettle enhances the character of this yarn, adding insulation and texture, which contrary to its prickly persona, creates a sumptuously soft ‘aran’ weight yarn in a palette of irresistible colours inspired by the wild. 


Maxi Wool

100g hank, 100% Wool, 80m, 8sts & 12 rows = 10cm

Maxi wool is a fun super chunky yarn, ideal for those quick easy winter knits. We currently stock 8 colours in this yarn.